ESPN reporter and Utah Jazz analyst Holly Rowe; Jimmy Traina of Sports Illustrated and senior writer Ivan Maisel


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Episode 165 of the Sports Media Podcast features three guests. First up is ESPN reporter and Utah Jazz analyst Holly Rowe. She is followed by Jimmy Traina, a writer/producer for Sports Illustrated and the host of the SI Media Podcast. He is followed by Ivan Maisel, the vice president of editorial and a senior Writer for On3. Maisel’s newest book is “I Keep Trying to Catch His Eye: A Memoir of Loss, Grief, and Love,” which is about his late son, Max.

In this podcast, Rowe discusses has she landed the Jazz broadcasting job and what her role is on the broadcast; the challenges of navigating multiple jobs across multiple networks; what her college football access has been in 2021; getting coaches after games amid the crowd scrum; how she viewed the WNBA’s season and the cable and broadcast placement of the Finals and more.

Traina and Deitsch discuss what Amazon Prime’s NFL exclusivity will mean for viewers next year; Traina’s interview with Steve Levy and Levy’s thoughts on the Manning Megcast; how the Mannings would do if the roles were switched with the main broadcast; what we expect from World Series viewership; whether people should care about the Sunday Night Baseball booth; why Traina is not a fan of the Red Zone fan at all; whether other sports media podcasts are competition or additive; WWE vs. AEW and more.

Maisel discusses his new role with; why he wanted to write about his son; what he learned about grief through his writing; how much of his writing on Max he showed his family prior to publication; how his family processed Max’s death; whether he wants to know more about Max’s final days; the end of his ESPN tenure; the challenges of promoting a book during a pandemic and more.

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