Preseason Fantasy Fallout + Surviving A TOUGH Draft Room


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Pete and Spags return for a more sober, less chaotic episode where they catch up on 2022 preseason fantasy news -- including if they buy or sell some names on the rise like George Pickens -- and then hop into a best ball 2022 fantasy football draft for $10 million on Underdog! πŸ”΄ Subscribe to Splash Play for when the show moves ➝ Splash Play presented by Football Outsiders, subscribe to FO+ at, Go to to compare betting lines with the power of 100,000+ simulations. πŸ› οΈ Get Bric's Underdog overlay app/tool for your drafts, the Bric Caddy: (Tutorial here: πŸ‘‘ Make your first deposit and Underdog will match up to $100 in your account when you use promo code 'Splash' ➝ 🐦 Spags ➝ πŸ”΄ Get the audio version on iTunes ➝! 🧒 Splash Play Merch ➝ 🐦 Splash Play Twitter & Instagram ➝ 🐦 Twitter ➝ πŸ”΄ Join the Deposit Kingdom discord ➝ 🎧 In A Vacuum (A Pete Overzet podcast) ➝ πŸ”΄ Subscribe to Youtube channel ➝ πŸ‘• Merch ➝ πŸ’» Website ➝ ✍️ Subscribe to free Fantasy Life Newsletter ➝ #fantasyfootball #2022fantasyfootball #mockdraft

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