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Shamans and Angels and Spirit Guides...oh my! For those awakening to the existence of the metaphysical, the multi-dimensional world can get pretty darn confusing pretty darn quickly. Kelle Sparta, The Spirit Doctor, understands that. Sit in with Kelle as she shares her years of experience as a shaman, healer, psychic, channel, medium, empath, spiritual coach, and so much more. You will learn and laugh through her unique perspective on this spiritual and magical world.

Who Is This For?

Our podcast has been designed for overachieving empaths who are having a spiritual awakening or who want to have one. You’re likely living in the archetype of the Knight in Shining Armor (you love to save people). You get more done in a day than most people get done in a week. You’re a perfectionist and a bit of a control freak. You’ve got a big heart and a NEED to be of service. On the inside, your anxiety is on high alert, but on the outside, you look cool as a cucumber.

Episode Types

Kelle has several types of episodes:

  • Learning Episodes - Where Kelle talks with you about a distinct subject and ties it into all the other things she’s talked about in the past (this is why more advanced students love this podcast - she takes every 2-hour class they've ever taken and stitching it all together)
  • Sound Healing Episodes - Kelle is a gifted sound healer and she will periodically put out a sound healing episode that will knock your socks off. (And she does it all with just her voice.)
  • Ritual Episodes - Once in a while, Kelle will offer up a ritual you can do along with her to improve your life.
  • Listener Profiles - This is where Kelle invites listeners to join her to share their personal journeys.
  • Guest Episodes - When Kelle comes across an expert she respects, she wants to share them with her audience. (For the record, unlike other shows, you can’t pay to be on this podcast. Kelle has to pick you.)

What We Talk About

We cover a wide array of topics on this show.

  • Personal growth and transformation
  • Magick, Energy work, Metaphysics
  • Energy Healing
  • Manifestation
  • Personal evolution / spiritual growth
  • Mythology and the language of symbology (useful for doing rituals and understanding spirit)

We Also Do Series

Here are examples of some of the series we have run over the years:

  • The Wheel of the Year
  • The 7 Chakras
  • Mythology (this is an ongoing series)
  • The 7 Deadly Sins and Virtues
  • Magickal Paths
  • Archetypes
  • Becoming a Lightworker


Stage 1 - Discovery

This starts with the thought: “there’s got to be more to life than this”. Initially, all spiritual students are trying to get out of pain. They come into spirituality looking for the magic pill that will make them feel better. They step into each space with the question “does this stuff really work?”

Stage 2 - Proof and Prosthelytizing

They read some books, attend some classes, and try things out they’ve learned and they say “holy crap! This stuff really works! I must tell everyone I know and drag them out to classes with me so they don’t think I’m nuts.”

They get distracted by the bright and shiny - oo crystals! Oo tarot cards! Oo angels… etc. Most people will get stuck at this level for 2-5 years. Kelle designed this podcast to shorten that distance.

Learn how to change your life just from the podcast. At least that’s what many of our reviews have said. Check us out!

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