Pearson's got problems, Kay keeps struggling & Bichette, Semien slamming homers w/ Jonah Birenbaum


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If issuing walks and conceding home runs defined a good pitcher, Nate Pearson would be Hall of Fame-bound; however, this is not the case and, therefore, Pearson is pretty bad. So, Drew and change-up specialist Jonah Birenbaum confabulate about Pearson's...less than memorable outings this year. What going on with the 24-year-old hurler's stuff? Why aren't his commendable Minor League outings translating to the pros? Is it psychological? Could he be DFA'd again? On the topic of underwhelming pitching performances, Anthony Kay continues to struggle. Drew and Jonah channel their Brandon Flowers and go all 'Mr. Brightside' on us, praising both Marcus Semien and Bo Bichette's offensive production. Lastly, a look ahead to Toronto's series in Atlanta.

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