Acknowledge & Heal A Woman’s Guide to Understanding PTSD


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Authors Virginia Cruse and Katie Salidas are going to take a deep dive into the new book coming out August 26th, Acknowledge and Heal: A Women-Focused Guide To Understanding PTSD

There is a lot of information out there about PTSD, but most of what’s out there is not user friendly, because it is written by clinicians for clinicians using psychobabble that reads like Swedish furniture building instructions. While well-intentioned, it isn’t easily digestible for the rest of us.

If you aren’t able to access the information you need, in a format that makes sense, the only thing you are left with is hearsay. Rumors and untruths will mess with your head and keep you from getting the treatment you deserve.

Statistically, women are twice as likely to develop PTSD, experience a longer duration of posttraumatic symptoms, and display more sensitivity to anything that reminds them of the trauma. Often, women’s experiences are dismissed, belittled, and invalidated – and even more so for women of color or women who identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

That is not okay. Let's get in to the nitty gritty!!

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