A man's perspective on single life, dating and relationships in London vs. NYC! Finding love on Craig's List, hamming up the English accent and a preference for some ' loud noises' in the bedroom! FEAT. special guest - Peter!


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Hello Spillers! Welcome to another epsiode of Spill Responsibly!
This week's episode features a very special guest - our friend (and short-term dating ex of Laura's) - Peter! Peter's here to give us the male perspective on dating across the pond and spills all on his experiences dating in NYC and Chicago, and how dating in America compares to London!
Background: Laura and Peter dated in the 2016/17 Bumble era, before Peter's big move to NYC for work. Peter is now back in the UK and makes a special appearance on the SR pod to be grilled about American dating life!
So, what you've heard is apparently true - American girls LOVE an English accent (when they're not mistaking you for Australian!) but they will DEFINITELY expect the man to pay for the meal! Listen to this episode and find out:

  • What differences are there between English and American girls?
  • Is it the men or the women who are too picky?
  • Where are the girls nicer?
  • Where has better first-date locations?
  • How do dating customs differ across the pond?

Peter also gives us a dating p-p-p-p-pet peeve!
Join us for a few jalapeño margaritas, which although were not really speciy enough, were balanced out by some super spicy talking points! ;)
Grab your stolen Marie-Antoinette glass of whatever you're drinking, have a laugh with us, and as always...Spill Responsily!
(PS. Listen out for the point in the podcast where Becki turns into a duck...!!)

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