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Speaking and stories go together link hand in glove. What is the story you're telling? Are you pushing the envelope? Are you telling the story that brings out your authentic self? Carl's guest today shares experiences that some speakers would shy away from...and it's massively impacted her business and her life!
Vasavi Kumar is the outspoken host of the Say It Out Loud Podcast, upcoming author of the Say It Out Loud book (Spring 2023), Self-Expression Coach, and Actor.

As a First-Generation Indian Immigrant Vasavi made her parents proud by going to Columbia University to receive her (second) Masters in Social Work.

Through her Say It Out Loud group experience, 1:1 mentorship , and communication traininVasavi helps her clients be more comfortable, confident, and in control during media interviews, telepresentations, and interpersonal communication so they can show up confidently.

For more from Vasavi and to learn more about how you can stop hiding and start shining in your business, stop by her Instagram @mynameisvasavi or
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