Episode 65: Dumb and Dumber, Side A: Dumb (with Scott Benson)


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Today I'm joined once again by the co-creator of Night in the Woods, Scott Benson (@bombsfall), to talk about DUMB AND DUMBER. But I'm doing this one a little differently. Since it was an especially long episode, I'm splitting it in two, with the next half releasing next Friday. Join us in this episode, as we talk about the friendship between Harry and Lloyd, the producer's attempts to screw over Jeff Daniels, what makes this movie still work in 2022, and more. Given the length we also get into plenty of other topics, including the violence in the Jurassic Park novel, hologram music performances, and how poorly ACE VENTURA has held up over time (but also how funny the rhino scene in the sequel is). So give it a listen, and find out whether you actually *can* triple stamp a double stamp.
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