Episode 80 - Winter Hiking Gear and Lakes Region History and Hiking


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Welcome to the Sounds Like a Search and Rescue Podcast! Also known as SLASR. Join an experienced search and rescue volunteer and his friend as they discuss all things related to hiking and search and rescue in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

This week we are doing a segment on the history of Laconia and the Lakes Region. We are also dusting off our winter gear list and sharing our advice on Snowshoes, Spikes, Crampons, Boots, Backpacks and all the associated clothes needed for winter hiking. We’ve covered some of this before but will do a recap for those of you thinking about getting into winter hiking.

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  • Vegas Talk
  • Zebs needs workers
  • SAR Teams need Volunteers
  • People getting gored by Bison, attacked by Bears and eaten by Pythons
  • Electric Vehicles and Battery Life
  • Snowmobile Season is coming
  • Pop culture talk - video games, chess cheating scandal update, Elon buys Twitter, House of Dragons
  • New Sponsor! Welcome Fieldstone Kombucha!
  • Not Without Peril - The Story of Jeremy Haas / Derek Tinkham
  • Segment One - Weirs Beach and Laconia
  • Segment Two - Winter Gear Recap
  • Recent Search and Rescue News

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