(#87) Owning your uniqueness


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On today's episode of the Soul Aligned Business Babe podcast I talk about really truly owning your uniqueness. Your gifts, your methods, your personality, your experiences. You do things in a unique way and it’s time to really own that. Noone else can be you. Noone else can do things quite like you. Noone else is you.

I had a moment last week where I honestly thought to myself… I wish I could find a coach like me. A coach that offers what I offer. I have spent over six figures and worked with countless mentors to evolve into who I am and to develop my own unique approach to coaching. This is not me believing I’m better than anyone else, but just owning the power of my work and my unique approach. I want you to own that too.

If you feel called you can find out more about my 1:1 coaching here.

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