07-11-21 NBA Finals, USA Basketball, Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor, Sha'Carri Richardson and More


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On this New Episode of Some Wild Catz..... The NBA Finals are discussed. How impactful has Chris Paul been for the Phoenix Suns and will Giannis be able to lead his Bucks to victory ? Plus, Rachel Nichols and Maria Taylor are in the middle of a nasty situation at ESPN. Who was right in this situation ? In Addition, The USA Basketball team isn't looking as dominant as past years. What's really going on with this team ? Also, Scottie Pippen is on a media tour for a New Book coming out soon and he's spilling all types of tea on Michael Jordan, Current Players and a shocking revelation against Phil Jackson.... And Finally, US Track and Field Star Sha'Carri Richardson was suspended by the US Olympic Committee. Was the move a just decision ? The guys will discuss all of these hot button issues on this new Episode of Some Wild Catz.......

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