Mobile App Testing Trends for 2020


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The new mobile app testing trends are approaching, giving more effective results for business productivity. n the verge of the end of the year 2019, the mobile app development and testing measures are evolving for the coming year of 2020 to refine the testing ideologies and work more on improving current testing strategies.

Show notes:

----more----[0:34] Continues Shift on mobile app testing with Usability

[1:12] Top mobile app testing trends for 2020

[1:17] Mobile app automation discussion

[1:32] Test Automation and DevOps Strategy

[1:54] Some of the top popular testing tools like Perfecto mobile, Katalon studio, Selenium and Test Complete etc

[2:06] Open-source testing tool

[2:21] Agile and DevOps will be the key testing trends in 2020

[3:20] IoT and data security testing trends in 2020

[3:47] Artificial intelligence in mobile app testing

[4:33] Implementing new ideologies on the testing platform

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