Bridgecrew: Cloud Security with Guy Eisenkot


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Cloud computing provides tools, storage, servers, and software products through the internet. Securing these resources is a constant process for companies deploying new code to their cloud environments. It’s easy to overlook security flaws because company applications are very complex and many people work together to develop them. Wyze Labs, for example, had millions of users’ data stolen due to a mistake by a single employee.
The company Bridgecrew is a cloud security platform helping to prevent mistakes like that from happening. Bridgecrew integrates into developer workloads to automatically find infrastructure errors in cloud accounts, workloads, and infrastructure as code. Their platform also monitors code reviews and build pipelines to prevent errors from being deployed into production. If an error is found then Bridgecrew’s software reverts that code back to its last known correct state.
In today’s episode we talk with Guy Eisenkot, VP Product & Co-founder at Bridgecrew. Guy previously worked as a
Principal Product Manager at RSA Security and as a Product Manager at Fortscale before that. We discuss Infrastructure as code, devsecops, cloud security, software supply chain and composition analysis.

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