#207 Maia Grotepass embraced a world of puzzles


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Maia's story started with a ZX-81 in the 80s, and from there on, she was hooked. We talked about how she followed her curiosity and studied engineering while not wanting to become an engineer. Maia spoke about how she started working on embedded systems while still not wanting to become an engineer. She spoke of how she went back to school and studied art because she still didn't want to be an engineer... and mixed software engineering and art. We spoke about discovering phones and Android and having the opportunity to impact people's life fast. And finally, we talked about her last job at Luno, the GDE program, and communities.
And to get the records straight, I mentioned the show Dark Mirror Bandersnatch and claimed Netflix recreated a ZX-81 game for it. I stand corrected! It was a ZX-Spectrum (ZX-82), which was in color compared to the ZX-81, which was still Black&White. Also, the game hidden into Bandersnatch isn't a fake Bandersnatch itself but a game called Nosedive. You can see a video of the Audio extraction steps here.
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