Software at Scale 43 - Growth at Loom with Harshyt Goel


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Harshyt Goel is a founding engineer and engineering manager of Platform and Integrations at Loom, a video-messaging tool for workplaces. He’s also an angel investor, so if you’re looking for startup advice, investments, hiring advice, or a software engineering job, please reach out to him on Twitter.

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We discuss Loom’s story, from when it had six people and a completely different product, to the unicorn it is today. We focus on driving growth, complicated product launches, and successfully launching the Loom SDK.


[00:30] - How it all began

[03:00] - Who is a founding engineer? Coming from Facebook to a 5 person startup

[06:00] - Company inflection points.

[10:30] - Pricing & packaging iterations.

[14:30] - Running growth for a freemium product, and the evolution of growth efforts at Loom

[30:00] - Summing up the opportunities unlocked by a growth team

[33:00] - Sometimes, reducing user friction isn’t what you want.

[34:30] - The Loom SDK, from idea to launch.

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