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Daniel Stenberg is the founder and lead developer of curl and libcurl.

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This episode, along with others like this one, reminds me of this XKCD:

We dive into all the complexity of transferring data across the internet.


[00:30] - The complexity behind HTTP. What goes on behind the scenes when I make a web request?

[11:30] - The organizational work behind internet-wide RFCs, like HTTP/3.

[20:00] - Rust in curl. The developer experience, and the overall experience of integrating Hyper.

[30:00] - Web socket support in curl

[34:00] - Fostering an open-source community.

[38:00] - People around the world think Daniel has hacked their system, because of the curl license often included in malicious tools.

[41:00] - Does curl have a next big thing?

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