A Sober Revolution


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It’s time to polish off the banners, put on your green army jacket and CND badge, march to the doors of parliament and declare your allegiance to the sober revolution. Yes comrades, today we want to cause a riot and find out why sobriety is having a social mutiny.

Yes, today Vic and Hamish and going to find out why sobriety is trending and dig into the reasons more people are deciding to give up on grog. Is it due to the pandemic? Does social media play a part? or are people just more aware of their own health nowadays?

No matter the reasons, the sober curious movement is gaining momentum and it's exciting. By being a sober, it makes you a punk, a rebel and part of the change. So on this cheeky episode of Sober Awkward find out why just talking about your sobriety can help other comrades join the fight against booze.


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If you are struggling with your relationship with alcohol please reach out to your local doctor, a therapist, AA Group or just chat to a close friend. Don’t feel shame, just get the help you deserve.

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