Ep 78: So Loop Hy Maar - TIKTOK STARS Chane Grobler and Roberto de Gouveia


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*This So Loop Hy Maar-episode is in English Niel and I (at So Loop Hy Maar) recently shared our social media grievances with each other. Mine was something like: 1. Is human value nowadays perceived in connection to the size of your following? 2. Why do we care? 3. Should we delete the apps and spend more time with our dogs? Two LEGIT South African TikTok-stars help us navigate the modern landscape. Full-time TikTokker, Chané Grobler (2.4 million+) was recently nominated for a GLOBAL NICKELODEON AWARD and her boyfriend Roberto de Gouveia (@k1ngbert0) juggles his own million+ following with a more traditional-type job. Thanks to the lovely people at Starburst Promotions for making this happen and our eternal gratitude to Muse Studios in Johannesburg for another impeccable audio experience! In an informative discussion with these very nice folks, Chané and Robbie help humanize an intimidating frontier... WELCOME.

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