So Called: Jeff Vanek, Director of Human Resources at Utah's Hogle Zoo


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What's your cause? If you are working in a mission-driven organization, you need to win people's hearts and minds to advance that cause, says Jeff Vanek, Director of Human Resources at Utah's Hogle Zoo. Servant leadership is well-suited for mission-driven organizations, he says, because it can support and sustain a cause and culture over time.

Jeff enjoys his work at the zoo, where he learns about all aspects of the organization in his HR role, and he encounters people who approach their work with passion, creativity, and curiosity. Jeff advises others not to be afraid to be their best selves at work in the service of others.

Currently, Jeff is writing a book about servant leadership. His first book is called Somehow I Thought I Would Be Taller: Finding the Courage You Need to Grow and is available on Amazon.

To learn more about Jeff, check out his website:


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