Sophie Ross with the Pop Culture Roundup! RHOBH, Girls Trip, Southern Charm, Daily Harvest scandal, Khloe on Hot Ones, Countess Luann, What to Watch This Week, Ben Affleck's son crashes car, Freddi Mellencamp vs. Gunvalson and American, whats up?


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MONDAY!!! Sophie Ross and I are back with a full episode to start your week off right! Remember you can check it out one YouTube too if you want! We go into all the big pop culture stories of the week from Bravo to music to movies. Check it out and tell a friend. Remember to use timestamps if you want to skip right to Sophie! TW: We do talk about Fridays Supreme Court decision. I talk about it in the beginning of the show and at the beginning of the segment with Sophie. Heads up. Take care of yourselves if that is something that is going to be harmful to you.

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4:15-Show Notes/Supreme Court/Pop Culture Stories

45:00-Sophie Ross

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