Victoria Jenkins - on life as an adaptive designer, disability advocate and unexpected entrepreneurship


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My guest this week is an incredible woman, whose life and career were turned upside down by circumstances. We talk often on this podcast about how circumstances shape the careers of women, but in the case of Victoria Jenkins, the circumstances were becoming disabled in her mid twenties.

Before becoming ill, Victoria was forging a successful career as a garment technologist, working for the likes of Sweaty Betty, Jack Wills and Victoria Beckham no less. She was doing well, and that’s an understatement. But at the age of 26, her life turned upside down - I’ll let her tell you her story in the podcast, but suffice to say, she ended up founding her own fashion company, Unhidden, to cater to people requiring adaptive clothing that’s stylish, beautifully made and affordable.

Victoria is now an entrepreneur, business owner, disability advocate and brand ambassador for Models of Disability. She’s a tour de force, and I’d urge you pop out and buy her book The Little Book of Ableism. We started, as ever, talking about her early life as one of six kids.

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