22. Post-Pandemic Outsourcing Trends for 2022 and Beyond with Derek Gallimore


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In this episode, Fred and Derek study how the pandemic changed the outsourcing landscape, the trends to watch in 2022, and how the job market and demand for software development professionals have evolved.
00:23 Intro

*Outsource Accelerator*

2:00 How Covid has initially impacted the outsourcing industry and Outsource Accelerator?

8:58 What is the biggest industry learning from the Ukraine crisis?

14:04 How do you see a post-Covid or "new normal" world for the outsourcing industry?

18:04 Any advice for companies looking at outsourcing right now?


21:10 How does Arcanys make sure they are sourcing good candidates?

25:27 Who is in charge of the quality control of what your developers do?

29:14 Can you tell me a bit about the salary inflation of your developers in the Philippines?

35:27 What is your take on short vs long-term development projects when it comes to outsourcing?

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