Episode #56: A Talk Story w/ Joey Valenti, The Albizia Project & Bizia Surf, Invasive Trees Transformed


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Today we will continue our Sustainable Leaders series and have a Talk Story with Joseph Valenti w/ the Albizia Project. We will talk about the Albizia tree, an invasive tree here in Hawaii and solutions due to it’s rapid growth as it takes over our Hawaii forests. From building homes, furniture and now surfboards, there is much to learn about this species and how we can restore our native ecosystem.

Joey Valenti is founder of the Albizia Project & co-founder of Bizia Surf. Albizia Project was established in 2017, when Joey was studying the efficacy of building with Hawaii's most prolific invasive species: albizia. He has since built everything from pavilions to performance wood surfboards using a material that was once widely discarded in Hawaii. He currently oversees two USDA Wood Innovations Grants in partnership with Hawaii Division of Forestry & Wildlife, Kaiser Group (Oregon), Albizia Project, and Bizia Surf.
Albizia Project has grown to become a custom design & millwork business and a local distributor of their in-house certified regenerative lumber. Follow @albiziaproject on IG or visit albiziaproject.com
Bizia Surf is slated to open its online and Wahiawa-based, brick & mortar store in December 2022. They will sell performance wood surfboards, branded merchandise, and ocean-friendly surf products. Follow @biziasurf on IG or visit biziasurf.com

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