41. Doing it in a Dress: Feminism & educating girls in Africa


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Dr Chrisanta Muli's grandmother didn't get past grade two in school. So her mother was raised her with a determination to ensure her daughter and granddaughter didn't suffer the same fate.
Fast forward to her generation and Chrisanta is a feminist academic, gender justice expert, and the CEO of One Girl, a small but mighty international development organisation doing big things to educate girls all over the globe.
In this episode Bianca chats to Chrisanta about her journey as an African woman, her experience in challenging the norms of the international development sector and the fundraising and programs success of One Girl.
This October One Girl celebrates ten years of the organisation's flagship fundraising campaign Do it in a Dress, which has raised more than $4million to educate girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda.
Chrisanta shares tips on their fundraising success and why communicating is so important in inspiring the support of young people.
You can find out more about the Do it in a Dress campaign here: https://www.onegirl.org.au/event/do-it-in-a-dress-2021
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