32. Turning Life Experience into a Non-Profit


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Everyone feels a little lonely sometimes, right? Imagine being a new migrant to Australia and knowing no one, after having a full life with a professional job, a large family and friends back home.

Novela Corda experienced exactly that when she moved to Australia from Mumbai, India in 2015. So she decided to do something about it.

She Co-Founded Key Into Australia with friend Maia 2019 after both women were inspired to support other migrant women in Australia in the same position as them.

In this episode Bianca chats to Novela about how her own personal experience inspired her to create a small non-profit, and the challenges and joys that went along with it.
Episode time markers:
1.23 mins – Novela's personal experience with isolation as a migrant

8.15 mins - Key Into Australia's program offering
13.20 mins – How to tackle loneliness and isolation, and ‘how to fill your cup’
16.40 mins – Financial sustainability and funding challenges.
22.35 mins – What makes Key Into Australia Small But Mighty. How small organisations are naturally innovative.
You can find out more about Key Into Australia here: https://keyintoaustralia.com.au/
Novela and Key Into Australia are members of the Small Non-Profits Alliance. Learn about our free membership here: https://smallnonprofits.com.au/membership-account/membership-levels/

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