30. Tips & inspo for start-up non-profits: SAY Australia


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Rich Stephens was in his 30s before he gave himself permission to stutter, now he's the Founder of SAY Australia, a small non-profit inspiring and supporting Aussie kids living with a stutter.
Bianca chats to Rich about his experience establishing SAY Australia from the ground-up in Australia, after working with the organisation's US version.
Rich also shares his journey of living with a stutter as a child and adult, and how that's helped him lead SAY Australia, working to empower kids who stutter through the creative arts and teaching them their voice matters, that they deserve to be heard.
5 mins - Rich's journey and the challenges of living with a stutter as a child
27 mins – How SAY Australia is tackling the challenge of lack of awareness of their small organisation.

30 mins – Rich shares 4 tips on starting your own non-profit organisation

38 mins – What does being a 'Small but Mighty' organisation mean to Rich & SAY Australia?
You can learn more about SAY Australia here: https://www.sayaustralia.org.au/
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