Episode 235: Why You Should Use Professional Photos in Your Marketing


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When it comes to local business marketing, there is no shortage of examples of bad photography. Whether it's badly cropped LinkedIn profile pictures, blurry product photos, poorly lit pictures of a store, or stock photos that don't even show anyone from the business at all, you don't have to look at too many local business websites to find examples of what not to do when it comes to using photographs in marketing.

However, on the rare occasion when a local business does use professional photographs to support the message they want to communicate about their brand, it can be very powerful and effective.

On the latest episode of my podcast, my guest was Marina Barayeva, an international portrait photographer who is also the host of the Marketing for Creatives podcast. We discussed why it is important to use a professional photographer to take pictures of you, your place of business, your products, and your employees to use on your website, on social media profiles, and in printed marketing materials.

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