Episode 223: How to Create an Effective Marketing Message with Tom Poland


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If your marketing message sounds something like "We have the best prices, best quality, and best service, so come buy our stuff", then you need to listen to my most recent podcast episode.

My guest for Episode 223 of the Small Business Marketing Minute show is Tom Poland, the bestselling author of Leadsology©: The Science of Being In Demand. Since the age of 24 he's started and sold four highly successful businesses and managed teams of over 100 people, so he has a lot of great knowledge to share with business owners.

The topic for my interview with Tom is how to create a marketing message that cuts through the noise and speaks directly to your ideal customer. Unfortunately, many local business owners put little thought or effort into their marketing message, and many of them end up just parroting what everyone else is saying--hence, the prevalence of that "best service, quality, and price" message I mentioned earlier.

Not only is it impossible to have all three of those things at the same time (if I'm willing to accept poor quality or bad service, I can always get a cheaper price), it's also been repeated so often that it has lost all meaning to consumers.

Luckily, Tom's Leadsology system provides a proven, ten part model that reveals each step on the path to generating a steady stream of high quality, inbound, new leads flowing into your business virtually every week of the year, and it all starts with the marketing message.

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