Episode 2: Bringing Singapore flavors to the packaged goods industry


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Holly Ong is the co-founder of Sibeiho, a Portland, Oregon-based startup that offers Good Food Award-winning sambal sauce and other Singaporean dishes. As a former marketing and branding professional for Fortune 500 companies like Nike, Holly brings go-to-market expertise and corporate wisdom to her role at Sibeiho.

The business began as a supper club showcasing the nostalgic foods that Holly and co-founder Pat Lau wanted to recreate from memories of their childhood in Southeast Asia. Now, the pair is focused on expanding production of their consumer product line of sambal sauces made from their own family recipes.

In the episode, Holly shares her passion for bringing the flavors and stories of Singaporean cuisine to customers and discusses the challenges of growing a culinary product-based business — from perfecting the recipes to managing cash flow.

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