April Rinne - Finding Your Superpower Through Uncertainty


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I spoke to April Rinne at the Shahjah Entrepreneurship Festival late last year, where I was invited to speak about happiness in these uncertain times. April and I got in touch through LinkedIn, and I was blown away by her work. Her writing is not instructive but more reflective and allows readers to choose from whatever superpower they think will help them through uncertainty.
April Rinne is the author of 'Flux: 8 Super Powers for Thriving in Change.' She is also a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and ranked one of the “50 Leading Female Futurists” in the world by Forbes. She is also a mental health advocate and has devoted her career to advising individuals and organizations on how to navigate a world of constant change.
Listen as we discuss:

  • 05:32 An unexpected connection through food
  • 12:03 Healthy eating habits
  • 13:40 The importance of detox
  • 14:44 Listening to your body
  • 15:20 Opening up about the loss
  • 17:10 No recipe for grief
  • 20:47 State of Humanity
  • 21:30 9 beasts of grief/ loneliness of grief
  • 26:00 The heart gets stronger
  • 28:58 6 stages of grief - finding gratitude in the loss
  • 31: 30 Reactions to change and uncertainty
  • 37:20 Everyone has a different experience with change - The flux mindset
  • 40:00 Introducing eight flux superpowers
  • 49:00 Change. Flux. Not knowing - How to manage the unknown
  • 53:00 Running slower
  • 54: 00 See what's invisible
  • 57:10 To get lost
  • 01:08 Trust is the Super Super Power
  • 01:16 Know you 're/your enough
  • 01:23 Your portfolio career
  • 01:30 Be all the more human
  • 01:32 Let go of the future
  • 01:36 Happiness of letting go

Connect with April Rinne on Instagram @aprilrinne , Twitter @aprilrinne and her website Fluxmindset.com

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