Mom & Dad: Supporting Gender Expression and Exploration


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On this episode: Zak, Jamilah, and Elizabeth advise a parent whose first grader got mad at her for looking up ‘girl sweaters’ online. The first grader has also previously said that they want to be a boy, not a girl. Our letter writer wants to be supportive but doesn’t know if she should go all-in or sit back and let her kid reveal who they are.

Additional resources:

The Center

How to Be a Girl

Supporting My Nonbinary Teen (Part one of ‘Teen Talk’)

We also have an exciting update from the listener who couldn’t handle the seat-belt war and occasionally let them drive unbuckled.


Jamilah recommends chicken with miso caramelized apples, based on this pork chop recipe.

Elizabeth recommends Dot to Dot In the Sky: Stories of the Aurora by Joan Marie Galat

Zak recommends this Naomi Fisher Twitter thread on child development

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