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So this week marks a special Call Your Ghoulfriends episode featuring your favorite babes of Slashers Podcast, Mikey and Ade!

Today, your ghoulfriends talk all things shark related with the over hyped and overrated Swim, a Tubi Original lol. And let us just say that Tubi is the end all be all of streaming platforms, as we all love and adore it, but oof with this film.

Why do Mikey and Ade love this? Hellooooo if features the whoooahhh Blossom boy himself, a Mr. Joey Lawrence, who Ade would profess her undying love for, stemming from Brothers of the Frontier, Brotherly Love, Horse Sense and Jumping Ship. Disney held a hot commodity here with the Lawrence Brothers trademark. Your Slashers have absolutely no qualms gaining metadata from this nonsense. Joey, Matt and Andy were lights of our lives growing up, so just seeing Joey in this is a treat and a treasure.

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