The Toxic Avenger Part 2


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Welcome to another Monday here on Slashers Podcast, and today we have a special Slashers Smoke Break episode with Doug and Coker, where they dissect the crazy, confusing world of Toxic Avenger 2. Doug will attest that this was a piss poor sequel to the love of his life original Toxic Avenger, but the Mickey Mouse of Troma must go on. Coker has a different opinion on the film, as he grew up with it and has more nostalgia for him than anything, so find out why by tuning in! It was easy to see why the guys on this show have seen Toxie so much as young kids because of the Toxic Crusaders cartoon, which, for the time, was normal for kids to be viewing debauchery as our parents were never really supervising our viewings the way the MPAA is doing now. Oh, well.

The guys even get into Toxic Avenger 3 and Citizen Toxie, with all the guts, blood, and glory those installments have to offer.

Coker even figures out a way to juxtapose Toxie 2 with Ebola Syndrome… so this could get interesting.

Special shoutout and RIP to Gilbert Gottfried on this episode. He will be sorely missed.

Finally, we have subjected our buddies over at Damn, That’s Scary Podcast, Micah and Greg, for their opinion on Toxic Avenger 2. As usual, they never disappoint. This is Ade’s payback for making her deal with last year’s Tro-MARCH which consequently led to this year’s TromAPRIL, but we digress… You can listen to the Damn, That’s Scary podcast by following this link: and following them on Instagram @damnthatsscarypod. Thanks, boys, for the collab this month!

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