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Another Monday, another Women’s March episode here on Slasher’s Podcast! Join your favorite ghoulfriends, Ade and Mikey, plus our honorary ghoulfriend, Doug (aka your Bitch, That’s Nasty! Team) as they dive into the cringe-inducing Ma, starring Octavia Spenceras the sinister Sue Ann, who lures the children of her tormentors to her home for parties and something way more vicious than anything any sane person could imagine.

The film came out in 2019 and should be celebrated, as it is one of the few, if any, female antagonists who is a black female killer and an Academy Award Winner, at that! It also stars Allison Janney, Juliette Lewis, Luke Evans and Missi Pyle. It’s a star-studded horror/ psychological thriller that slowly creeps up on you and when it hits the ground running, it’s a quick punch to the gut. We can do nothing but sing this film’s praises… DESPITE the fact that this is, wait for it, A BLUMHOUSE FILM. Omg, someone get Ade a glass of wine and a sedative because of the former sentence that actually came out of her mouth. The horror!!

Best part about this? Listen in to hear Doug’s pitch for a Ma part 2! Blumhouse, if you’re listening, get in on this, because I’m sure Doug and his crew could do this one a lot cheaper than $5 million, and perhaps it could a Tubi exclusive????

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