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Welcome to a Slashers Smoke Break Women’s March episode with Doug and Coker discussing Final Girls. Who are their favorite Final Girls, who are their least favorite Final Girls, and what are some fun female killers?

Doug discusses his favorite sequels for the Sleepaway Camp Franchise (parts 2 and 3) because Angela’s character evolves into a bad ass, campy killer. While Felissa Rose plays Angela in part 1, Bruce Springsteen’s sister, Pamela, plays an older version of the character in the next two.

Coker even gets into how some blonde final girls have redeemed themselves in their respective films, like Happy Death Day with Tree’s character, and even argues why horror franchises need more blonde Final Girls.

Films from Nightmare on Elm Street, Creepshow, Scream, Ready or Not, Halloween, the Invisible Man and Texas Chainsaw Massacre are some of the few to get mentioned throughout this episode. Let us know if some of your favorites made the list. Or, you can also email us and tell us if there’s a particular Final Girl the guys missed.

Finally, the episode wraps up with a very special interview with actress, model, phone sex operator, Felicia Fisher, who you may know from Barf Bunny and The Degenerates, plus more films by both Samhel and Jonathan Doe. Find out some of the fun and dirty things she gets to talk about with Doug! You can follow Felicia on Twitter and Instagram @feliciafisherx , as well as her website and her email: Check her out, she does not disappoint!

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