Chopping Mall - 1986


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Happy Monday Goons! The last Monday of our (Fe)bruary Killer Robot month finishes out with a Patreon request: Chopping Mall (1986)! The film was directed by Jim Wynorski and was produced by Roger Corman's wife, Julie Corman. The stars of the show are some of your 80's favorites: we have Night of the Comet's Kelli Maroney, Re-Animator's Barbara Crampton and a cameos from Mary Woronov and everybody's favorite extra, Dick Miller, in addition to Karrie Emerson, Russell Todd, Suzee Slater and John Terlesky. This is definitely a snapshot of America in the 1980's, especially within the shopping mall setting that is all but obsolete these days.

Jake also crashes the party as he asks us what is our favorite non-anthropomorphic robot. So join us for a fun, albeit, inappropriate episode and let us know what you think!

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