Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter


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Get the corkscrew out and pop open your favorite tropical beverage, Jason is on the loose again for the final chapter and the Slasher's Paradise boys are ready to give you the break down of his best moments... and Crispin Glover's. This horror podcast has it all as always, fun facts about the film, special guest appearances and all the goodies you've come to expect from Paradise.

Slasher’s Paradise is horror film podcast for every level of horror movie fan. Each episode breaks down a horror film from head to bloody toe with not only comical takes on the films but some interesting facts along the way. Danny and Lance not only review horror films but go over every detail from lighting, music and sound ambiance to hilarious dialogue, gore and acting choices. Infused with hilarious personal experiences and takes on each film Danny and Lance discuss, debate and challenge each other’s love for every film. If you love horror films or are just curious about what killer belongs to which horror franchise, Slasher’s Paradise is made for you.

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