Connie Reguli Discusses Updates On Her Case And A Critical Review Of The Damage To Families In The Court System


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Slam the Gavel welcomes back Attorney Connie Reguli. Attorney Reguli was last on the show Season #2, Episode #98 and Season #3, Episode 63 and Season #3, Episode 70, Season #3, Episode 77, Season #3 Episode, 89.
Attorney Reguli has been an attorney for 27 years. She has been a valiant warrior and attorney, now stirring the pot in so far that they have come after her with more criminal charges for defending a client and since then the state has made a new indictment of Aggravated Perjury. This was brought against Attorney Reguli on August 12, 2022.
Connie discussed that her case is in appeal. They are intimidated and threatened by her speaking out since 2010. They had criminalized her as she was running for judge which led to changing the judge changing the law to make a felony that was not a felony and that case is in appeal at present. They want to discredit her voice as they are intimidated by her speaking out since 2010. Aggravated perjury and the new charges come up and fighting that, and Connie has asked the courts to hold off so she can get through several appeals which there is some issues with materiality that the DA has not addressed.
Connie is an activist, reformer and warrior and will not stop standing up for those child welfare reform and family court and she will not stop sharing that information.
Family Forward Project on social media to share new stories that are now beginning to pop up everywhere such as 1,000 children missing in Missouri. She also has She and 14 people went to Washington, DC to learn to lobby and be a citizen activist. This was the forum to do that and speak with Freedom Works and also were able to speak to the top legal advisors in Congress about funding problems. They learned that CPTA is up for re-authorization (money for foster care). However, it has been stricken and re-written for family advocacy and to reduce the removals. Connie is also planning a trip for February/March.
So much to learn from this podcast as children, our future, are treated as "cash cows" for foster care and adoptions and once out of foster care, when they have their own families, they are continuously haunted not only by CPS but again, foster care.
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