Cass Clements Speaks Out On What's Really Going On In Madison County, IL And The Judicial Hell Hole


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Slam the Gavel welcomes Cass Clements to the podcast. She is a politically nonpartisan volunteer non-lawyer advocate, raising public awareness on innocence issues and court corruption. Her primary focus is on Illinois and the Metro East area of ST. Louis. Now retired, Cass's working background includes Armored Car Courier, Electronic Enginerring Technician and Boeing Assembly Mechanic.
We talked about how both the former Madison County IL State's Attorney's Office and a defendant were defrauded by a corrupt local Public official in a Madison County family civil case# 1995F 001665. Also, the failure of the former Madison County IL State's Attorney's Office to catch or prosecute this fraud enabled and embolden this same corrupt local Public official to commit other fraudulent acts.
Cass's verifiable evidence of the fraud in civil case #1995F 001665 was raised in a separate re-opened case within Madison County under #2008-D 000314 and ignored by the Madison County Court.
Cass wonders how legally approved subpoenaed evidence sought after by Judge Foster (formerly assigned to Madison County case #2008-D 000314) was then suppressed by the following newly assigned appointed Judge Ronald S. Motil and covered-up an affair committed by the previously mentioned corrupt local Public official.
She also explained the current covid court rules prevented key witnesses from entering the court building and testifying at a prior court hearing in Madison County Case #2008-D 000314 . This fact prevented her friend, Paul Price from proving a portion of his claims with their witness testimony, contributing to his case being dismissed by the court.
The court system in Madison County, IL picks and chooses which IL Statutes and Supreme Court rules they wish to either follow or ignore when it suits them and how key evidence that is suppose to be in the Madison County, IL State's Attorney's Office possession goes conveniently missing when it points directly to innocence.
They're are102 State's Attorneys in Illinois with zero prosecutions of public corruption in the state by these State's Attorneys, with nearly all cases being usually brought by Feds.
Fascinating podcast with Cass Clements entailing fraud, deceit and affairs that warrants a spot on 60 Minutes.

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