Angel Law: HIGHLY EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING: Is A Dead Body Enough And Why Judges Should Be Disqualified


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Slam the Gavel welcomes Angel Law back on the podcast. She was last on Season 3, Episodes 107 and 146. Angel brought us the disturbing and sad news regarding the incident in Orange County, California of a mother, Terra Schlinger, age 37, who was found dead at her home on the 27th of November, 2022.
Prior to her death, in September 19th, 2022 she was in court with her ex where a recording full of foul language and credible threats against two people was played before Judge Lee L. Gabriel, and is on public record. A Temporary Restraining Order was granted against the father. The DA was never notified. So the judge gave custody of the children to the father....The next court date would have been December the 6th, 2022.
There is no jurisdiction for a family court judge to do anything here. Gross negligence, obstructed justice when you have somebody threatening two people's lives, and presented with that evidence you have the duty to give this to the proper jurisdiction, the executive branch. The bailiff also failed to act on a credible threat....
Why we should disqualify judges... Angel gave instructions on how to file the complaint, go through the Judicial Canons and cite the judge's demeanor, conduct and exhibits.
This is not a gender issue. There are good Fathers and Mothers losing custody every day to Personality Disorders that judges can identify with. CONSIDER CAMERAS IN THE COURT AND END JUDICIAL IMMUNITY.
Stay out of the court at all costs or you will lose EVERYTHING.
This episode is dedicated to the LOVING MEMORY of a MOTHER who lost her life far too soon due to a judge's NEGLIGENCE.
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