Amy Palacios and Lisa Speak Out: 911 CALL FOR JUSTICE, Exposure is NOW


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Slam the Gavel welcomes Amy Palacios last on the podcast Season 3, Episode 147. She is a Mother of six children and her friend Lisa from Oklahoma. In Amy's case there are two ex-husbands fighting in court with the SAME lawyer, Attorney Jay White to perpetuate 14 years of corruption. Her first ex-husband paid the second ex-husband $50,000.00 to be a false witness against her. Her case started in Mecklenburg County and has now moved to Cabarrus County, NC. Now both ex's along with an attorney, Jay White want to extort monies from Amy or put her in jail days before Christmas.
Lisa is in Oklahoma and was seeing her child every other week until false allegation of mental abuse without evidence nor child psychologist witness and her 9 year old was taken away from her and given to known child-and-pets-abuser exhusband, followed by an inflated child-support order on an income that no longer exist that was 2+ years ago ignoring all current accountant records, while her ex underreported his income. She also has evidence of abuse, but the judge and Guardian Ad Litem refuse to look at it. CPS became involved with fathers’s ongoing child abuse of physical mental emotional abuses, medical neglect, dental neglect, school neglect, they don’t focus on that ignored all evidence and child psychologists affidavit school teacher school director affidavits and child’s personal diary, but focused on false accusations of failure to protect in 2020 and a year later end of 2021 CPS falsely a accused mother with mental abuse again with no proof and no expert witness other than incompetent/corrupt GAL calling himself expert. None of this was true.
We discussed that there is a trend where older men are going after younger professional women and using them as, "their retirement fund." The Family Courts are destroying children and taking them away from a fit parent to give to the abuser without looking at ANY evidence. It's simply disregarded. Family Court is creating not only disabilities but personality disorders in our children. These mothers are being called mentally unstable in order to take the children away as well, yet expect them to pay exorbitant amounts in child support and inflating child support orders. The court can't have it both ways. They can't call a parent mentally ill and then expect child support out of them. More to follow.

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