Rerun: Analytical Chemistry & Climate Change with Dr. Amanda Grannas


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It's the climate change summit week. So in preparation for everyone, we wanted to re-run this crucial episode that we hope everyone gets to listen to.
She gives a personal viewpoint as a scientist, coming from a coal-mining family and being the first graduate in her family to going on to be the Vice-Provost and Chief Research Officer of Villanova University.
Dr. Amanda Grannas leads us a fantastic journey of her experiences as an analytical chemist and how analytical chemistry is a topic that most people don't think but still is such an important part of our life. It surrounds us yet we know so little about it. She re-lives some of the most personal journey of how climate change affects all of us and gives a very passionate defense of "why we must save our planet"?
Finally, she closes by how her experiences shapes her leadership both in the lab as a "vial labeller" and her current life as the "Chief Research Officer" of Villanova (via the VISIBLE program).
DISCLAIMER: Our sound quality in our early days was not as good as it is now, so with that caveat, we present the episode to you.
Amanda's Twitter ID: @AmandaGrannas
Her lab homepage:

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