S2 E2: Getting Your Foot and Pivoting In the Digital Health with Carolyn Casterton


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How exactly do you get your foot in the door in digital health? I had a hunch you'd be asking that. And so did Carolyn Casterton, engineer, business person, and founder of Healthtech Hunches - a resource dedicated to learning and sharing about life in the digital health careers.
Casterton worked her way through the bigs (Edwards Lifesciences, Boston Scientific, Stryker, and Verily) and picked up a thing or two along the way. She's broken the land-speed record in medical device product development, built successful teams across continents, worked with Google, Verily and others to scale COVID testing sites in a pinch (entirely online, too), and is ready, willing, and able to share those lessons with you. She has also recruited some other impressive leaders to have a little fireside chat with you, too.
She has scaled the mountain - and now she's giving you the Cliff's notes (for you youngsters out there - those are basically cheat-codes) on how to do it yourself.

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