Botox in Beverly Hills California: Gummy smile/lip flip


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Are lip flips good for gummy smiles or not?

Lip flips can prevent your gums showing when you smile. Special injections can be used to reduce the visibility of your gums when you smile.

Botox for a gummy smile is the same thing as Botox to flip your lips?

Different. Botox for gummy smile can be given just above the nose to relax the muscles that pull up the lips when smiling. The lip flip injection takes place just above the lips. The lip flip injection relaxes the muscles in the area and allows the lips to rotate slightly up and down.

Are lip flips worth the effort?

Lip flips won't change the structure or aging of your lips but they will make your lips appear fuller and more youthful. You can achieve the desired look which can increase your self-esteem. You may notice a loss in volume over time.

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