232 - How to move forward after Miscarriage?


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All month long we will feature some of our favorite episodes around different topics. Today’s topic is all about how to move forward after miscarriage.

Rana Campbell host of Dreams in Drive Podcast who shares her miscarriage story and the cost of miscarriage from her feature in Elle. After her miscarriage in 2016 Rana found the hospital bills quickly adding up to the thousands of dollars even with insurance. In this episode Rana takes us back to how she started Dreams in Drive while grieving the loss of her baby, and how her feature helped her shed light on the financial burden of losing a child. Rana has since given birth to her rainbow baby. Congratulations Rana and thank you for sharing your story.

Crystal Justice found out she was pregnant on Aug 9, 2018. On Sept 7, 2018 she was told that the pregnancy was no longer viable. Despite my HCG levels and Progesterone levels being normal her D&C was scheduled on Sept 11, 2018 which is was her partner’s birthday. In this episode Crystal takes us back to that day and how her faith has helped her heal from miscarriage.

Sherita Thompson experienced a miscarriage while on a trip helping friends babysit and was devastated. She returned from her trip and realized she hadn’t prayed about it because she was angry and frustrated at herself. In this episode Sherita takes us on her grief journey towards healing, how her faith and prayer helped her conceive her rainbow baby a month after her miscarriage, and encouragement for those moms who are overwhelmed.

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