History's Most Luxurious Cold War: The Dark and Tragic Competitions of the Ocean Liners


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From 1897 to 1939, floating palaces and luxury liners were surrogates for the feuds between the rival countries. In the latest episode of Single Malt History, I discuss the grandeur, absurdity, and tragedy of History's most luxurious cold war. I’m joined by actors, bringing to life the eyewitness testimonies of some of those who were involved - from crew members to victims, socialites and sceptics.


Cáilum Carragher as John Dempsey

Jake Douglas as John Malcolm Brinnin and Sir Tommy Lascelles

Peter Evangelista as Morgan Robertson

Debra Hill as Kate Gilnagh

Rebecca Lenaghan as Noëlle, Countess of Rothes

Maryann Maguire as Alice, Dowager Duchess of Buckingham

Ashley Montgomery as Mary-Josephine Barratt

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