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We’ve been making Simplify pretty much the same way since 2017: we focus on a great book and its author, and try to dig out the most helpful ideas. Nearly six years in, we’re wondering: how might we make Simplify even better for all of you?

So, we thought we'd ask! Click this link to take the survey: https://try.blinkist.com/simplify-learner-survey/ [1]

Tell us what you're curious about lately, what you've been reading, and which authors you’d like to hear from. It’ll probably only take you about two minutes, but it will help us a lot.

Thank you for listening, thanks for answering those questions, and look for more new Simplify very, very soon.

Email us at podcast@blinkist.com [2]
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Simplify is produced by Caitlin Schiller, Ben Schuman-Stoler, and Odysseas Constantinou, who also made the music and has been helping us sound like adults since 2017.

[1]: https://try.blinkist.com/simplify-learner-survey/
[2]: podcast@blinkist.com
[3]: https://twitter.com/caitlinschiller
[4]: https://twitter.com/bsto
[5]: https://www.instagram.com/blinkist/

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