Learning Each Other All Over Again (Newlywed Chronicle Ep-2)


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Is it possible to know someone, yet at times feel like you don’t?

In life, people change! Hopefully for most of us those changes are for the better. As we get older and we have life experiences, those life experiences impact us differently. As a result we are not who we used to be and we’re not going to be who we are. This doesn’t mean we all have dramatic changes, but it does mean there are new things that we learn about ourselves and there will be new things we learn about another.

Learning new things about your spouse is never more evident then when you become newlyweds.

When dating a couple takes time to learn one another. I call this data collecting. It’s through this process that you collect information to determine whether or not if they are who you want to spend the rest of your life with, marry. But just because you’ve spent time to learn someone, doesn’t mean that that’s all there is to learn. One of the challenges newlyweds will come across is the frustration they are learning each other all over again.

In this Newlywed Chronicle I highlight reasons why people feel they’re learning a person all over again in relationships. This is not a bad thing but it is something to be conscious of, not allowing it to frustrate and spoil your relationship. I end by offering 5 points that will help you better your relationship when growing together.

  1. Learn each other within a relationship never stops
  2. Be confident in the choice you made
  3. Talk, Talk and then talk some more
  4. Enjoy the moments
  5. Check your expectations

Hosted by Pastor Brian Wallace

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