140. Give your discomfort a purpose #uncomfortableonpurpose


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I challenged you to get uncomfortable this week. Now I want to dig into doing simple things that serve a bigger purpose. Giving your discomfort a purpose to work towards the vision and goals you have for your life. I want to break it down, keep it simple, and encourage you to drop your all-or-nothing mindset. This past weekend I did another Abundance Day (aka Yes Day) with my kids. Last year I did this and shared my takeaways in this episode "I let my kids do whatever they wanted all day" Discomfort on purpose Last week I shared how we are building lives of comfort but discomfort can serve a purpose. In the episode, I shared my own experiences with this and challenged you to do something uncomfortable ON PURPOSE (#uncomfortableonpurpose) I love to hear what you are working on (on Instagram and in the Facebook group) Let's build on the purpose we can give our discomfort There is value in going out of your comfort zone, practicing that, and growing your tolerance for feeling uncomfortable There is also value in the empowerment and drive we get when we are working towards something we really want. If we call it a goal, does that have a stigma for you? Do you feel like 'goal' is corporate and stuffy? Or maybe you feel like a goal will uphaul your whole life and bring failure and disappointment with it. The truth is that we have good reasons to NOT set a goal There are benefits that we get by staying where we are and not doing the work of setting a goal. Some of them include never challenging what we believe about ourselves, never needing to face discomfort, never having to figure it out, or do the work of showing up! Remember that a goal won't make you a 'better' person We do have this invisible hierarchy of what makes people superior. We kinda secretly think that someone who sets goals and follows through (or looks a certain way or has certain things) is somehow a 'better person'. Let's throw these measuring sticks into the bonfire. You don't need a goal to be a worthy person. Maybe goals feel like an emotional burdern, so how about the idea of 'giving your brain a job' Our brain is running in the background solving the negative problems we have told it to focus on (problem-minded). We have trained our brains to do this. How about we give our brain the job of solving some positive problems (solution-minded). Give your brain a job, call it a goal if you want Either way, consider what the bigger purpose is for what you want to work towards. If you feel like you don't really know what you want in your life, use these free worksheets Live your vision worksheets Live your values worksheets Or use the Life on Purpose Workbook In this episode I cover: The good reasons we have to NOT set a goal How we train our brain to be problem minded Examples of simple goals you can set this week How to get started with a simple purpose this week (even if you never download the worksheets or get the workbook) Practicing the ART OF goals and discomfort Showing up for one, simple thing Small things can change your whole life How to address all or nothing thinking How starting small makes us more successful in the long-run Join in with us Share your #uncomfortableonpurpose achievements with us Tag me on Instagram, use the hashtag, share in the Facebook group (make sure to answer those entry Qs!) Products recommended here may include referral links to Amazon. If you click through and take action I will be compensated at no additional cost to you. The simple pleasure of the week I do love skincare and makeup and have tried a ton of moisturizers. I have found a face oil that is super affordable, has basic ingredients, simple packaging and it WORKS on my oilier skin too. If you have oilier skin, you might like to use the Oil Cleansing Method (I've been doing it for about 8 years now)

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