133. 4 simple habits that make my momlife better


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I have been researching goals and habits since we started setting them in 2015. You can hear Conor share his take on doing this work as a couple in this episode. Over the years I have searched to the ends of Pinterest and tried a lot of strategies to create habits for myself. I was doing this work fueled by the notion that I had to become a morning person now that I was a mom. I was thinking that habits would make me the optimal human, efficient and productive. I have since learned to bring grace into it. Chase habits that make me feel purposeful rather than productive, and to set goals and habits in line with my personal vision for the areas of my life. Four simple habits that make my momlife better 1. Having vegetables for breakfast. This is part of my 'food uniform' that I try to have for breakfasts and lunches. What I used to eat was sweet and carby and I was feeling crappy and shaky after breakfast. Then I did the Whole30 (here are 11 things I learned doing the Whole30) and weaned myself off this type of breakfast. I've been gluten-free for a few years and had to put in the effort and planning to create new food habits I could have on autopilot. The difference I notice in having vegetables for breakfast with how I feel about myself and my approach towards my health. I used to go days without eating vegetables, now I get it done first thing every day. Why I love this habit: I feel proud about taking care of my health because of what I do first thing in the day. 2. Reading books instead of scrolling social media Years back I swapped this habit in a personal challenge I called One Small Habit. I swapped scrolling social media for reading on the library app. I have read so many books over the years since I did this. There are nights I still find myself on social media, but I can give myself a little bit of time and then redirect it to a good book. Why I love this habit: I want to be someone who reads a lot of books, this is the action that supports that 3. Pre-dinner clean up each day When my husband is working his week on, I follow this routine almost every afternoon: I do the dishes, clear tables, sweep floors, and make dinner. I used to be someone who avoided dishes and coached myself to become someone who can do the dishes without all the mental drama Having clear spaces in my home is something I aspire to. It helps me feel empowered and peaceful. However, we live here and use this space so I need to do the work of clearing the table a ROUTINE. This table clearing routine is something I ask the kids to do their part with too, so I don't become a martyr about it. I also have started looking forward to this time of day because I will put in headphones and listen to a podcast that I enjoy. Why I love this habit: Fewer dishes for me later, and I get to listen to a podcast 4. Taking a day of rest (and social media break) Sundays are our church and chill days. I have been working intentionally at taking a day of rest, as a mom I think this is so important (as I unpacked on this episode). Taking a day of rest is something I crave but is also something that challenges me to sacrifice the need to be productive. I make a point to choose activities that make me feel filled up (you know, hobbies!) Screen time is something I limit on this day as well. I go off social media on Sundays. I have been noticing how automatic I can find myself jumping on social media, and taking this day of rest has helped me with becoming more mindful about my relationship with social media Why I love this habit: I am making time for my hobbies, I am learning more about my relationship to my phone, I give myself the grace to rest and feel better about the week ahead. Doing a check-in on my vision, goals, and habits This process of making this episode allowed me to refresh myself on the habits I had written down for myself this year.

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